Simon Gault, Giraffe Restaurant

Simon Gault, Giraffe Restaurant, 

Simon is a legend. Great vibes. People assume Simon only as the stern Masterchef judge, in reality this is a classic down to earth kiwi gentleman with endless passion for people and 

food. The Giraffe team is a great time. 

Simon Gault

You will often catch Simon with an epic green hemp superfood smoothie in hand. A new passion for healthy diet and lifestyle took Simon on a journey around the world to discover the truth from experts. He made a documentary series called - Why We Are Fat on Prime. 

Giraffe Restaurant is about passionate people behind the ingredients. Learning about the stories and providence is a big part of the experience you will get as a guest. 

Simon serves a special line of herbal tonics by Puhoi Organic Distillery, the story goes they are so special, Prince Williams buys direct. We were celebrating a birthday party on Simon's chefs table and he asked what am I passionate about, I said, "I sell cannabis" - we went from there. 

Cameron Sims Simon Gault

You can find Plant Culture hemp seed products in Simon's hemp version of the "Life Changing Loaf" it comes with cashew butter, rye berries and rainforest lime. 

Hemp Toast Giraffe

Or order a hemp super protein smoothie! 

The restaurant was designed to feel like home, a relaxed vibe, everyone is welcome to enjoy a high standard of cuisine and hospitality. 

Simon likes to think of the team as group of pirates, out to have a good time, making sure everyone is part of the party. 

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09 358 1093

Viaduct Harbour
85–87 Custom Street West
Auckland 1011, New Zealand

Large Parties


Monday–Friday 7am til 11am
Saturday–Sunday 8am til 11am
Monday– Sunday 12pm til 4:00pm
Monday–Sunday 6pm til 10pm

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