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  • Vice: Hemp Seed is finally legal
  • TED X Auckland - Cam Sims

    Founder of Plant Culture, Cameron Sims is on a mission to inspire a hemp based economy. Starting with hemp seed as a primary source of protein and ...
  • Vice - Dinner with the King of Cannabis Cuisine
  • Radio NZ

    Thanks for all the interviews Radio NZ. Love your work!! 27 August 2018INTERVIEW11 May 2018INTERVIEWJanuary 6 2018 INTERVIEW
  • TV3

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  • Daily Mail

    Are HEMP SEEDS the next super food? Chef says they're a 'rich source of omega 3' and taste like 'herby pine nuts' (but will you get high from eat...
  • Denizen

    Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species, one of the fastest growing plants in the world and also the first to be spun into usable ...
  • Radio NZ interview

    To listen to the radio interview click here Cameron Sims works with farmers in Ashburton to produce premium hemp seed products sold through Plant ...
  • The New Zealand Herald

    For Full Article & Video Food Safety Minister David Bennett said in April that hemp seeds would soon be legalised, and that hemp had no psychoa...