If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a legend or goddess of some kind – whether you are into business, activism, arts, sports, yoga, gardening, meditation or coding - Plant Culture welcomes your journey to make a positive impact on the world. 

Plant Culture is a social enterprise supplying premium hemp seed products in compostable or reusable packaging. Our vision - Kiwi's being the healthiest, happiest, most environmentally proactive people in the world. Statistically, we have some serious mahi (work) to do. 

The Plant Culture mission is to empower leaders like yourself with a powerful mindset and lifestyle
 that inspires more leaders to live their highest purpose. We believe shaping a sustainable and positive future for every man, everywhere. 

Hemp seed is the most nutritious seed on the planet because it's a complete protein profile, rich in omega 3 6 & 9, packed with essential vitamins and mineral - plus it's delicious. 

Building demand for hemp seed in New Zealand gives farmers and enterprise a financially and environmentally viable alternative to traditional revenue streams. No tree or plant species has the commercial, economic and environmental potential of hemp.  

When you invest time and money into hemp based products today we will be helping the food, fashion, construction, medicine industries move toward environmentally proactive solutions that contribute to a healthier, happier planet for generations to come. 

We embrace the polarising stigma of cannabis. It's the perfect catalyst to get New Zealanders proactively tidying up our backyard and becoming an inspiring role model for the rest of humanity. The world needs our mana right now. 

"Plant the seed you want to grow in the world" - 'Plant Culture'


Founder of Plant Culture - Cameron Sims

Cameron Sims Plant Culture Hemp Seed

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