The Hemp Experience

How about having the experience with your close friends or work colleagues? 

HEMP - a non psychoactive variety of the cannabis sativa plant. Entirely different in key elements and NOT to be confused with cannabis which is smoked and ingested to get a high, a drug. Grown specifically for the industrial uses of its derived products. 

Heard of nutritional hemp yet? There is a quite an evolution beginning, with many newly informed people, often successful business people and trend setters, starting to rave about Cam Sims and his hemp based food. 

This evolutionary experience is now available, not only for private party hosts but for businesses as well, to learn, experience and enjoy the future of food. 

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Verve Magazine - King of Cannabis Cuisine. 

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Cameron Sims (25) is the founder of Plant Culture, a fast growing hemp food company.

Cam came from humble beginnings growing up on a small sheep farm, having started his business life living in his van in the early days, literally selling hemp seed out the back door.  He was virtually homeless, although by choice.  These days he is spends his time growing the business and hosting hemp based dinner parties for global minded thinkers who desire and imagine our world as a better place. Since then he has been interviewed by TV1,  and has become known as the King of Cannabis Cuisine (VICE). His personal belief is the modern culture needs help evolving into being environmentally proactive  and moving from the cow age into hemp/cannabis age.  

During this new stage of personal growth he has cooked hemp based dinner parties for disruptive people such Vitalik Buterin, (Ethereum), Philip & Jackie Mills (Les Mills), Dr Mark Hyman, James Cameron's Private Chef, Simon Gault (Giraffe), Mark Southon (O'Connell Street Bistro) Malcolm Rands (Ecostore), Sir James Wallace plus many more including his very own mother...

Using hemp, a 10,000 year old super-crop, as his vehicle for change, Cam’s mission is to help transform consumer culture from unsustainable to rejuvenating our global backyard. Cam’s vision is for New Zealand to be the global leader in profitable regenerative, technology based organic agriculture.

His hemp based dinner parties are for people and businesses looking to enjoy a personally guided experience into the new and evolving hemp food industry while gaining valuable information. hemp is not only delicious to eat but is recognised as being incredibly good for you, in fact GREAT for you.  Plant Culture is New Zealand's first nutritional hemp company and is becoming known for altering mindsets and the status quo by providing quality hemp products that help create innovative experiences, by doing so encouraging wellbeing and an enlightened culture. 

Cam’s philosophy is using beautiful, nourishing, consciously created plant based food as peaceful activism, enabling you to be the highest version of yourself. 

Eating is a necessity, but eating intelligently is an art. Cam’s food is medicinal, gluten free, vegan, organic, locally sourced where possible and always incredibly delicious. “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”

During your experience, Cam will educate you about the wide and wonderful world of hemp, which can be and is confused with Cannabis yet is a world apart. 

Cam is fast becoming recognised as one of New Zealand's leading authorities on hemp. He has been a guest speaker at environmental events, on multiple radio and also TV interviews plus more.  His current highlight was being asked to present on stage at TED x Auckland


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