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Did you just see “What Next” on TV1 with Michael Mayell talking about hemp seed?

cam sims ted x hemp        Michael Mayell 


Cam Sims (left) - the founder of Plant Culture and Michael Mayell (right) - the founder of Cookie time, Nutrient Rescue and Drinkable Rivers.

Cam and Michael are on a mission! Our first goal is to get every kiwi eating 3 tablespoons (30g) hemp seed hearts per day (900g / month). 

Hemp seed is the most nutritious seed on the planet and our goal is to help New Zealand become the healthiest country in the world.

We have made this easy with the limited time offer below with profits going to Drinkable RiversToday Only - May 28th / 29th -  (24h limited offer). 

Buy Now 900g Organic H
emp Hearts $39
(save $34 today only) - $1.30 / serve

hemp hearts

hemp hearts

Health benefits of hemp seed hearts?

Per 100g hemp hearts have more protein and iron than steak.
- Iron Benefits: Brain function, fatigue, immunity

Per 100g hemp hearts have more omega 3 than tuna.
- Omega 3 benefits: healthy joints, nails, skin

3 Tablespoons = 100% RDI Magnesium.
- Magnesium Benefits: Mood, sleep, relaxation

Per 250ml Organic Hemp Milk (3T hemp hearts)
= 11g Protein + 13.5g Fat = $1.30 / serve

Per 250ml Organic Cow Milk
= 8.75g Protein + 11g Fat = $1.16 / serve

You do the math...

Homemade Hemp Milk Recipe: Click Here

drinkable rivers

Hands up who doesn’t want Drinkable Rivers?

Of course we all want clean flourishing rivers, so how about we make Drinkable Rivers in our Lifetime a new national game, and let’s all Do Something about the fact that 62% of the length of New Zealand Rivers are currently unswimmable and it’s getting worse faster!

Delicious Hemp Drinkable Rivers!!!

Michael thinks we can eat our way to Drinkable Rivers because if we eat hemp seed farmers will grow hemp, and as hemp is the world’s best phytoremediation plant (e.g. it breathes in CO2 and exhales O2 at 4 times the rate of trees) - you’ll be healing our rivers with every bite.

Hemp can do everything that Oil and Dairy can do, and it heals the planet too - google it...

For more information on Drinkable Rivers please head to: https://www.facebook.com/drinkablerivers/

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