Blueberry Hemp Smoothie

Super food smoothies are the best breakfast. Quick and easy. 

Blueberries possess beneficial phytonutrients such as soluble dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and pigment antioxidants that contribute immensely towards optimum health and wellness.

The essential phytochemical compounds in the blueberry help rid off harmful oxygen-derived free radicals from the human body, and thereby, protect it against cancers, aging, degenerative diseases, and infections. 

Fresh is always best, and if you have your own blueberry bush then you are winning the game. 


Good handful of blueberries, fresh or frozen
4 Tablespoons hemp seed protein 
1 Teaspoon hemp seed oil
4 soaked dates 
1 teaspoon soaked or ground linseed
Small handful of soaked cashews or almonds.
150ml water
4 cubes of ice
3 leafs of mint (optional) 

Garnish: Mint and cacao nibs

Method: Blend all ingredients together in vitamix or nutribullet. Pour and garnish. 

Please Note: All recipes are for designed for animal consumption only. 

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