Raw Hemp Pizza

Hemp seed is best raw to retain the enzymes, vitamins and alkalinity. A dehydrated pizza base is nutrient dense, clever way to enjoy a classic meal without any of the side affects that come with high GI, empty calorie recipes. 

This recipe was designed for the Plant Culture Pop Up Restaurant. We developed this recipe with Kathryn from "The Vegery" who made them from her giant dehydrator. 

Makes 2 x 20cm Pizza Bases
  •      200 g peeled and chopped carrots
  •      120g Activated buckwheat
  •      80g Linseed
  •      120g Mushrooms
  •      1 tsp Salt
  •      4 tablespoons Hemp oil
  •      80g Sunflower
  •      80g Pumpkin seeds
  •      300g Water

Mix this all in a blender to a chunky mixture then spread on a silicon sheet that fits your dehydrator OR use baking paper. One 20 cm pizza per tray.

  •      10 Sundried tomatoes (soak in water to cover)
  •      1 teaspoon Urban Hippie miso
  •      1 teaspoon dried oregano
  •      100 g water
  •      1 clove garlic or 1 teaspoon garlic powder

Blend all together then spread evenly over the pizza base. Top with sliced onions and mushrooms.

Dehydrate at 37 degrees for about 12 hours then check. Keep dehydrating until there are no wet spots on the base but still a bit flexible.

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