Santa's Secret Hemp Butter Bliss Balls

Did you know that Santa feeds his elves and rain-deer hemp bliss balls? 

Where did you think Santa's stamina comes from? He's one of our biggest customers. Santa is actually on a monthly subscription to Plant Culture's certified organic hemp hearts to keep himself and his little helpers healthy, happy and strong! 

This recipe is super easy. A really fun job for the children to roll the balls. 

Healthy light sweet creamy snack for the whole family. 

hemp cranberry bliss ball

Makes 8-10 Bliss Balls


1/2 Cup of Hemp Hearts
1/3 Unsweetened Dried Cranberries
Small pinch of salt
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract (optional) 

Add both ingredients to a food processor and blend until buttery and sticky. 
Roll into balls. Roll in hemp hearts to garnish.

Safe in fridge for a week. 


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